ZincAlume Steel vs. Galvanized… Embracing Change & Steel 2.0

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History is littered with the famous last words of well-established leaders of industry who waited too long to see change on the horizon and embrace it. While doing things the old-fashioned way (“the way it’s always been done”) has its time-honored appeal, when it comes to protecting your roofing installations and avoiding unnecessary liability in the 21st century, change is inevitable.

Here at BCMP, we’re constantly building on sixty years of history as we look to the future of steel and metal products and ask, “What’s next?”

“What’s the inevitable change others may initially resist that everyone will eventually embrace?”; Or to put it in 21st-century speak… “What is steel 2.0?”

And while it might be the industry standard to say that “Galvanized isthe best steel for roofing products” we have been using a product called ZINCALUME® for over thirty years and stand behind its’ qualityand durability.

In addition to its high degree of formability, ZINCALUME® steel lastsfour times longer than galvanized steel, using both barrier and sacrificial protection to resist corrosion [vs. Galvanized’s sacrificial protection]. It’s a better, less expensive alternative to what we know– but like Thomas Edison’s first electric light bulb… it’s a change that must be understood before it’s embraced.

Everyone knows that change is a good thing, yet when it comes to business practices, there’s often resistance and insistence on doing things the old way. And that’s why here at BCMP, we always keep the past in mind as we look to the future– so we (and our customers) don’t wind up getting stuck in the proverbial dark ages.