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Bay Cities offers over 2,000 products that provide superior quality and precision design.

For the Roofing Industry


Bay Cities’ downspouts are constructed with durability and efficiency in mind.


Precision-designed gutters that go the distance no matter the forecast.

Linear and Transition Flashing

High-quality roof transition flashing to meet a variety of needs.

Roof Jacks

Durable and stable roof jacks that provide reliable support during construction or maintenance tasks.


Complete line of ventilation products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.



A full line of vent caps, from louvered to plain and oval to round to meet your needs.

Reducers & Increasers

Versatile and reliable components to improve flow dynamics and enhance throughput.

Vent Pipe & Fittings

Variety of vent pipe & fittings that help ensure a safer and more efficient building environment.

Conductor pipe

Designed for efficiency and durability, ensuring smooth fluid transition and reduced leak potential.


“J” Metal

Manufactured in various grounds (depths) for use with a variety of insulation boards.


Adds both aesthetic appeal and protection to wall corners in homes and commercial spaces.

Drywall, Plaster, Stucco Accessories

Excellent finishing solutions for seamless surfaces with enhanced aesthetics.

Stucco Base Screed

High-quality and resilient screed base that provides even and consistent stucco application for optimal finishes.

Solar Products

Aluminum Base

Our aluminum base is constructed from high-grade aluminum alloy, renowned for its strength-to-weight ratio.

Standard and FHA Galvanized Base

Bay Cities’ solar flashings are engineered with precision and attention to detail, utilizing high-quality materials that meet the demands of solar-panel installations.

We have a wide variety of raw materials in assorted metals and gauges available to suit your needs.

  • Galvanized Steel

  • Bonderized Steel

  • Zincalume

  • Prepainted White

  • Prepainted Terra Cotta

  • Prepainted Brown

  • Prepainted Charcoal

  • Copper

  • Stainless

  • Aluminum

If you can draw it, we can make it.
Custom products are manufactured to customer specifications and are available in most common gauges of stainless, galvanized, bonderized, prepainted steel, aluminum, and copper. Contact us to discuss your project.

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