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21st Century Building: G40 vs. G90 and a Man of Steel

October 28, 2019

As populations in cities and suburbs expand exponentially, the need for new housing and construction continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. Of course, any contractor / builder / steel baron worth his weight in raw ore will tell you that the foundation of every good project starts with the…foundation!

Here at Bay Cities we pride ourselves on providing our customers the products required to create that solid foundation. Quality people, quality projects isn’t just our mantra, it’s our top priority in everything we do. And it has to be…

Why? Because unlike so many of today’s virtually endless supply of products, tools and metal-works, Bay Cities is ready to meet the demands of any project, be it big, small, customized or out of this world… And we’ve been doing it for over sixty years. Wait… Out of this world? Absolutely. We aren’t afraid to think outside of the box– or rebuild the box from scratch if that’s whatthe job needs. Recently, a longtime returning customer on vacation from some far-off metropolis– Let’s call him ‘a man of steel’, came to us with questions about installing a new roof on his weatherized second home in the Arctic (he even referred to it as his fortress).

Always a budget-conscious builder, this ‘Man of Steel’ wanted to know the difference between using G40 or G90 galvanized steel for his roofing. We explained that galvanized steel is a rolled steel product with a zinc-coated surface– and how zinc coating weights determine the overall life of the steel product; G90 lasts longer and performs better because it has a heavier coating weight. During the galvanizing process, base carbon steel coil gets submerged in an acid bath to clean the steel and remove the steel scale. Following that process, the steel is then submerged in amolten zinc bath that forms a metallurgical bond as well as a protective coating at a controlled coating weight (G30, G40, G60, G90) that increases the corrosive resistance of the steel.

Instantly grasping the concept, this purported ‘Man of Steel’ nodded and said he logically presumed that G30 was even thinner and G60 was somewhere in between. We shared a collective nod– acknowledging that we were indeed on the same page (as far as zinccoated galvanized steel products were concerned).

Newly inspired, this otherworldly customer placed an expansive, customized order that might’ve seemed impossible for any other manufacturer– But Bay Cities’ 100,000 square foot facility is primed and ready to meet any and all sheet metal and building material needs. How? It all comes back to our philosophy… Quality people, quality products.

Days later, carrying 100,000 tons of steel in each arm, this ‘man of steel’ left Bay Cites a satisfied customer– armed with a new understanding of coating weights and galvanized steel– information everyone needs, be you human, hero, builder or off-world supervillain.

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