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Bay Cities Metal Products Unites Brand on West Coast

October 10, 2023

Brand Alignment Reinforces Strengths of Northern and Southern California Leaders in Construction Materials —

GARDENA, Calif. & MANTECA, Calif. – Bay Cities Metal Products, a leading manufacturer of sheet metal building products, today announced the completion of its brand alignment in Northern and Southern California, further strengthening its presence and commitment to a cohesive culture focused on superior products, operational excellence, and customer success.

The brand alignment follows Gardena, Calif.-based Bay Cities’ acquisition of RMS Manufacturing in 2021, which expanded the company’s geographic footprint to Northern California, as well as enhanced its distribution and logistical capabilities.

“We have successfully integrated the RMS Manufacturing brand into the Bay Cities Metal Products family, solidifying our position as a premier provider of sheet metal building products,” said Majid Abai, Chairman and CEO of Bay Cities. “With a united brand, we are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of our customers and provide them with exceptional service, value, and innovation.”

Since 1958, Bay Cities’ success has been rooted in its focus on “Quality People” and “Quality Products,” which continues to resonate strongly with its customer base. The brand alignment reflects the cohesion and teamwork to enhance operations and provide a seamless experience for customers.

“A cohesive team is like forging a strong and resilient alloy, blending the strengths of two manufacturers to create a product of outstanding quality and durability, and a superior customer experience,” Abai said.

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Bay Cities Metal Products has been at the forefront of sheet metal products manufacturing industry since 1958. As a trusted leader, BCMP combines its expertise with a relentless commitment to continuously improving processes, expanding production capabilities, and delivering customer-centric service that sets the standard in the building products industry. With a strong emphasis on quality, both in our exceptional team and top-notch products, BCMP is steadfast in its focus on excellence.



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