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Bay Cities: Forging Foundations for Superheroes and Beyond for 6 Decades

September 20, 2023

As urban and suburban areas experience rapid population growth, the demand for housing and new constructions soars to new heights. Every seasoned contractor, builder, or metallurgy expert knows that the core of every successful project is its foundation.

At Bay Cities, we’re dedicated to supplying the essentials needed to establish this robust foundation. Our commitment to “Quality people, quality projects” isn’t just a slogan—it’s our guiding principle in all our endeavors. And it’s a necessity.

Why is this? In today’s saturated market of products, tools, and metallurgical creations, Bay Cities stands ready to cater to any project—whether large or small, standard or truly unique.

Image of super hero figure.

Our expertise spans over six decades. Think that’s too ambitious? Think again. We’re not just here to meet the standards—we’re here to redefine them. Case in point: a recent inquiry from a repeat client—whom we’ll playfully dub ‘a man of steel’—who sought advice on a new roof for his Arctic abode (which he endearingly termed his ‘fortress’).

This budget-savvy ‘Man of Steel’ queried about the merits of G40 versus G90 galvanized steel for his roofing needs. We explained that galvanized steel comprises a zinc-layered surface, with the weight of the zinc coating being pivotal in determining the product’s lifespan. Specifically, G90 outlasts due to its denser coating. The production involves the steel coil undergoing an acid bath, followed by immersion in molten zinc, forming both a metallurgical bond and a protective layer in various coating weights (G30, G40, G60, G90), thereby enhancing the steel’s resistance to corrosion.

Grasping our explanation, our ‘Man of Steel’ astutely deduced the thinner nature of G30 and the intermediate properties of G60. It was a moment of mutual professional understanding.
Brimming with newfound knowledge, he placed a significant, tailored order—a task that might daunt other providers. However, with Bay Cities’ expansive 100,000 square-foot workspace, we’re equipped to handle any sheet metal and construction material requirements. Our ethos? Quality individuals produce quality outcomes.

A few days subsequent, our ‘man of steel’, laden with 100,000 tons of steel in each limb, departed Bay Cities, not only as a contented patron but also enlightened on the nuances of galvanized steel—a must-know for anyone, whether a mortal, a hero, a builder, or even an extraterrestrial antagonist.


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